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Q. I spilled some silicon lubricant on my flagstone. What product can remove this.


In a case like this, I would reach out to the tech support line at Prosoco.  They have a product that removes silicone caulk, so it stands to reason that this might emulsify the silicone.  However, unless the stone was well sealed, it probably soaked in.  ... [ more ]

Q. We have a Silestone kitchen counter which has developed some "dulling" in a couple of areas. One was due to someone rubbing too hard with a slightly abrasive cloth and the others are due to the sun shining on the counter. Is there anything/anyone who can restore the factory polish shine to Silestone?

A. The good news is, Silestone, which is 94% quartz, can be refinished to remove the dulling spots on your kitchen counter. The process involves using diamond tooling, designed especially for quartz to refinish the countertop and blend the entire surface with quartz-specific polishes.

Be aware that not all stone and ... [ more ]

Q. Do I need to have my granite countertops sealed? I have heard so many conflicting answers.


There is a very simple way to tell if your granite, marble or limestone countertops or floors need to be sealed. Take a drop of water and place it on the stone. Wait about two minutes and blot up the water. If the water left a dark mark, indicating ... [ more ]